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Wichita carpet cleaning at its finest!

Let Mullens Carpet Cleaning AFFORDABLY and PROFESSIONALLY clean and refresh your carpet and upholstery. With Mullens Carpet Cleaning, there are no hidden fees, and owner and operator Chad Mullens is punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. He'll take time to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Call today to schedule your appointment at 316-519-9053 Carpet Cleaning in Wichita has never looked so good as it does with Mullens Carpet Cleaning.

You don't have to use harsh or toxic chemicals for great carpet cleaning. Everything we use is "green" and safe for the whole family, pets included. With our steam-cleaning process, your carpet is dry in just a short few hours, with no leftover stains or residue.

What�s Included?

  • Pre-treating: Some cleaners actually charge for this! We pre-treat all your carpet with our all-natural carpet cleaner. The cleaner has no dangerous solvents, petrochemicals, soaps, or detergents.

  • Light furniture moving: Where necessary, we may move small furniture like chairs and end tables. We may also move couches in living rooms and dens, although we recommend this be done prior to our arrival. We do not move electronics, dressers, beds, sectionals, etc.

  • Extraction: We use a powerful 31-horsepower truck-mounted cleaning unit and water softening system that assures only clean, fresh water is used. Our cleaning unit is capable of heating the water to 240 degrees and has vacuum power strong enough to leave it only slightly damp, shortening the drying time considerably.

  •  Drying: Our system leaves your carpets only slightly damp. They will be dry to the touch in just a few hours in most cases. No more waiting days for your carpet to dry!

  • Spot cleaning: We do a final walk-through of your home to make sure we haven't missed any spots.

~ Our Specials ~

3 rooms* - $115
5 rooms, 1hallway, small closets - $200

To schedule your appointment call or text - (316) 519-9053 
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Thank you!

​*rooms not to exceed 150 sq. ft.

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